Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interview with Instructor Mason Williams

Master Mason Williams is a 4th dan Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and a Jun Chong black belt since 1985. His natural teaching abilities have come through since he began teaching at the Wilshire location in 1990. Master Williams’ martial arts awards have included 1992 National Collegiate Silver Medalist (Finweight Division), 1993 California State Silver Medalist (Finweight), 1993 National Collegiate Bronze Medalist (Flyweight), 1993 California State Silver Medalist (Flyweight), 1995 N ational Collegiate Forms Silver Medalist, 1995 National Collegiate Bronze Medalist (Flyweight). He was a member of the University of California, Berkeley Taekwondo Team from 1992-1995, and the Team Captain in 1995. He was also the Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do Wilshire Chief Instructor from 1998-2000.

His Background:
Mason Williams began studying at the age of 5 after being introduced to the art by his father, Master Greg Williams. Mason achieved his black belt at the age of 10 and decided that martial arts would be an integral part of his life from then on. He began teaching classes at the age of 15 and in college was a nationally ranked fighter for the University of California, Berkeley Tae Kwon Do team. After graduating, Mason returned and became Chief Instructor at the Wilshire Studio. In 2007, Mason achieved the mastery level of 4th dan and is thankful to be a part of Grandmaster Chong's legacy as he teaches the system that has made him who he is.

His Teaching Philosophy:
Martial arts training is the delicate balance between having a fun, enriching time while being conscious of the discipline, philosophy, and cultural legacy that separates the martial arts from other "sports." Physical training is a gateway to unlocking inner potential and gaining greater understanding of our higher mental and spiritual selves. Immersing oneself in the martial arts heightens the life experience and can improve our lives and those we interact with. Through training we learn form, function, feeling, and freedom. The path to mastery is endless and each step should be cherished.

What to Expect in His Classes:
Master Williams' students can expect a fun, rigorous class where they walk away feeling accomplished each time. Kids classes are taught with a balance of youthful excitement and old-school discipline. Adult classes are taught with the desire to help each student achieve his/her utmost physical and mental potential.

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