Tuesday, March 31, 2009

VIctims of a Check Scam (Almost)!!!!!

We received a check in the mail yesterday for $3500 from a company called CCI Inc. in Virginia. It was sent via USPS Priority mail but didn't have include a letter or any other info.
I decided to contact the company who mailed the check to find out what it was for (lots of private lessons??). I found only 2 hits online for a CCI Inc. in Virginia on some free business websites as a drywall/acoustic company. When I tried calling their number it was disconnected.
Then I tried calling the bank listed on the check, Suntrust Bank, also in Virginia. What was odd about this bank's website was the amount of fraud and scam information they had just on their homepage (does this happen a lot to their bank?). I spoke to an agent on the phone and after giving him the account and routing numbers twice, he confirmed that there was no such account number or company name. He then recommended transferring me to the "business dept" to talk to someone about the check being fake.
When I told the new agent from Suntrust bank about the situation, she didn't seem fazed at all. She checked the account and routing numbers again and could not find any CCI Inc., old or new. When I finally told her that I wanted to report it to the bank's authorities, she just said that there are a lot of scams out there and that I should just rip the check and forget about it. (!?!)
I got off the phone knowing that this bank must be in on the scam too-how easy would it be to make a fake bank website and just have someone answer the phone when you call about the check? Or else how could they be so indifferent about fake checks being sent out with their bank's name on it?
I immediately reported the incident to the FBI and USPS because, according to the FBI, since it went through the USPS mail, it is a concern of theirs too.

Things that made the check suspicious:
1. We had no idea who the company was or the location it was coming from.
2. In the memo section, they had printed: Exchange for Cash.
3. On the perforated receipt portion of the check, there was a box that stated the following warning:
"Important: Please contact the above payor for any questions regarding this payment. Please do not deposit if you feel this payment has been made in error or appears unauthorized."
And when you looked above for any contact info, there were absolutely no phone numbers, email addresses, or websites to contact them with. This warning was placed there so that when you do cash the check and then try to sue the company that scammed you, they can claim that there was a warning on the check to not cash it if you don't recognize the company. SNEAKY!!!

Things that made the check look legit:
1. The envelope was sent USPS Priority mail, as if someone was really sending an important check that they wanted you to receive on time.
2. The check is written out specifically to our company's name and had all the correct address information.

We're posting this incident here because we want to make sure that everyone knows that CCI Inc. is a scam and that these checks are NOT REAL. If you don't know where it's coming from or why you're getting this money, then you need to check it out and make sure you're not just looking at the numbers on the check!!!
Please be careful out there and forward this to anyone you know who might be in danger of this happening!!
I'll scan a photo of the check so you can see what it looks like.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enroll Now for Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp!

Did you know that summer is a perfect opportunity to introduce martial arts to your kids, friends, or family members? Enroll now for 8 weeks of action-packed, fun-filled martial arts!

Students 5-9 years old will be introduced to the basic concepts, principles, and practice of Tae Kwon Do in a relaxed and fun environment with one of Los Angeles’ premier instructors, Master Richard Alonzo (biography below).

Classes are 2 hours long for 8 weeks starting June 27th through August 15th, 1pm-3pm. Students who attend all 8 classes will have the opportunity to test for a full promotion to yellow belt. Students who attend less than 8 classes will have the opportunity to test for a white belt stripe.

Located in West Los Angeles, Jun Chong Martial Arts Center is conveniently located on Santa Monica Blvd. with ample parking and restaurants, shopping, and recreation areas nearby. The cost of the program is just $299 and includes a full uniform, white belt, and testing fee!

Space is limited! For more info, call 310-903-0519 or email tkd.steph@gmail.com

About the Instructors:
Master Richard Alonzo, 4th dan in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, has over 25 years of teaching experience, specializing with children. He makes classes fun using cross training techniques and self esteem building. Master Alonzo has a lifetime of competitive sparring experience and has been on many championship teams with Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do both as a child and adult. He is a familiar face in various summer camps and after-school programs and is a skilled stuntman, having performed on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live Action Tour.

Ms. Stephanie Trott has studied martial arts for the past 8 years with a 1st dan in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. Her experience has more recently extended into Extreme Martial arts weapons training and Wing Chung Kung Fu. A mother herself, Stephanie can appreciate martial arts as a way of self-defense, exercise, stress-relief, and fun!

Join our Korea-Cambodia-Thailand Trip!

Join our martial arts school's 3rd annual Korea-Cambodia-Thailand trip! Leaving June 25th and returning July 5th, the package will include round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, meals throughout the day, and ground transportation to all of our tourist locations! All you pay for is drinks, souvenirs, and tip!

Just a few places we'll be visiting:

Hwa Sung Palace, Korea

Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation) tour and tournament

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Bangkok's Royal Palace
Elephant ride and show in the jungle

...and much, much more!!

Sign Up Now and Save! Space is still available and everyone is invited to attend.

Package Price:
$2500 before March 31, 2009 (deposits okay) or $2700 after March 31, 2009

For more information, contact us at (323) 658-7570 or email at junchong411@gmail.com.
See pictures from our previous tours:
Korea 2007
Korea-China 2008

We hope you can join us for this wonderful opportunity!