Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interview with Instructor Ada Chong

Mrs. Ada Chong has been with Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do almost since it's inception in 1975. She recently received her 3rd dan in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido in June 2009 but began teaching children and adult classes in 2000 at the North Hollywood branch.

Her background:
Mrs. Chong has been involved in the martial arts for many years. Her original style was Tang Soo Do with Chuck Norris but received her black belt through Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do in 1993. She has since written articles for martial arts magazines and co-wrote a book on sparring with her husband, Grandmaster Jun Chong. Outside of martial arts, Ada is an Interpreter and translator in Spanish (her native language) and an OSCHA consultant and trainer. She is also an expert knitter and gourmet chef; if you’re early to a Belt Ceremony you might be lucky enough to taste one of her homemade cookies and cakes!

Her Teaching Philosophy:
“I am old school. I demand performance. Discipline and self-esteem come from personal determination and actions, not outside opinions and praises. Although this goes against the current tendency of building up a student based on praise for the tiniest thing, I think constant praise tends to dilute the real value of true self esteem, the kind that springs from personal realization.
In my class, I treat everyone the same but it is not a democracy. Children respond to leadership, direction, structure, and clear instructions. I don't let them run all over me; I don't let them get away with childish pranks. If you don't mind a teacher who will to teach your child and not babysit, then welcome to my class.”

What to Expect in Her Classes:
"I incorporate three things in my class:
1. Execution. How to execute proficiently the curriculum for their belt. What the correct basic techniques are so they can build up from there. We work the curriculum for their belt, we practice forms, kick drills, punching drills.
2. "What if...." situations. How one would use this or that technique if attacked in an alley, or if someone grabs your arm, or what happens when you're at a party and someone throws a punch at you. People love it and it gives them a chance to really think about real life possibilities for these techniques of self defense.
3. Physical fitness. Our students should be able to keep in good shape compared to the general population, it prepares them to defend themselves and to have a positive self image. This results in a better state of mind and overall health. We use kicking and punching drills for sparring as well as physical fitness.”

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