Monday, July 6, 2009

Interview with Instructor Yong Chong

Meet Yong Chong, one of our youngest instructors at Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do!
He received his 1st dan at Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do in 2003 and has been teaching children's classes at the Wilshire school since early 2008.

His Background:
As Grandmaster Jun Chong's only son, Yong began training at 4 years old and achieved his black belt by 14. His martial arts knowledge includes Capoeira, Wu Shu, Jiu-Jitsu, Kendo, and various weapons like nunchuks and the bo staff, but his biggest passion is break dancing (besides Tae Kwon Do of course!). Yong attends Pasadena City College and promotes his breakdancing crew in jams and competitions all over California. Check out his videos on YouTube, keywords "Zombie Hunterz."
His Teaching Philosophy:
“I allow my students to excel in any way possible. I do not want to limit their capabilities just because of their belt rank, age, or gender. Each individual has the right to experiment and try out new techniques as long as they are aware of the skill involved. I also want to teach students the fundamentals of the basics. Without basics, there is nothing to build from and we cannot improve ourselves, which is reflected in the proverb, 'The longest journey begins with a single step.’ ”

What to expect in Yong's Martial Arts Classes:
“Students can expect a well-rounded workout. My goal as an instructor is to go over everything from the stances, punches and kicks to forms, techniques and sparring. I feel that martial arts has two sides to it: the physical as well as the mental. The physical development of an individual lies in how they develop their strength, power, and execution. The mental aspect of martial arts is how the individual builds up their spirit through self-confidence, respect, and staying true to oneself. Both are vital in any person’s pursuit to a balanced life. If one has many pretty kicks and flashy tricks but no power within their hits, then that individual is unbalanced. If one has more strength and intensity but no technique or skill, then that person is unbalanced as well. I strive to teach students that our goal as martial artists and people is to be as well rounded as possible while maintaining a positive attitude and having fun.”

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